Pete Halvorsen


Ugg For Men Campaign

I shot these "Word on the Street" themed images for a recent Ugg for Men Campaign. 

Client: Ugg For Men

Featured Item: Ugg Kramer Sneaker

When I was walking through Venice I came across these artist stencils and rather than the normal graffiti, they went for the positive approach. Nothing better than walking down the street getting a peptalk on your way to your destination. This is the kind of graffiti I can get behind. 

I wanted to capture the first person feel that has become so popular on social these days. The shoes have a great style to them, so they were pretty easy to match environments with. For the Flat Lay shot, I didn't have to go far to find a stylish set up with my Ona Berlin II bag matched up with my go to camera kit. 




Other items show in Flat Lay. Peak Design Camera Strap, Mamiya 645, 2 rolls Kodak 800 expired 12/2002. Master and Dynamic MD30 Headphones, Ona Berlin II Bag, Story Coffee, Moment 18 mm Lens + Case, Leica Q + SF40 Flash, iPhone 6s + Apple Leather case.