Pete Halvorsen


Join us #GivingPierPressure Part 4 - 12/16/17 - 3 pm


Start time: 3 pm"ish" (It is Los Angeles)

Location: End of the Manhattan Beach Pier, where there happens to be a great new coffee shop run by Vitals Coffee.

The Pier will be lit up at 5:00 pm, sunset is at 4:47pm.

Parking: The City will be giving 2 hours of free parking if you park at a meter with the Red Bag over it. 


What do I bring?

You (well and an unwrapped toy for a child).  Seriously that’s it.  You can bring a film camera, iPhone, Android, Huawei, Leica (get the idea?)

Who: USA Olympic Gold Medalist Conor Dwyer, Jacob Jonas and his dance company, Vitals Coffee, Me...and you! 

Why: Because It's that time of year where we have an opportunity to use our great Instagram community and give back.

We will be donating toys again to the Special Needs Network based out of Los Angeles. 

As many of you know my son is on the Autism Spectrum. Organizations like the Special Needs Network create an amazing opportunity for families during the holiday (and year round). Join the community effort to make the holidays brighter for kids with autism, developmental disabilities and their siblings. 

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Hey Peet what is an Instameet?

I attended my first “Instameet” in San Francisco 6 years ago when Instagram was a fun free app with 1% of the users it has today. It was called #GandhiGram I met about a handful of “strangers from the Internet” we walked the streets of SF taking photos of each other and just talking this cool new app called Instagram. I met @lauralawsonvisconnti @moneal @artchang @issata @mrsgrubby @heysp for the first time. 

I immediately saw how Instameets can bring people with different backgrounds together through the common ground of Instagram.

About 5 years ago I hosted my first Instameet in Manhattan Beach #foggypierpressure. I was overwhelmed by the turnout that came from me just mentioning on my feed “Hey I’ll be at the Manhattan Beach Pier for sunset at 5 pm on Saturday - come down say hi and shoot the sunset with me, you never know you just might make a friend.” So I had another one last December and decided to use the gathering to promote and help some good causes. With #givingpierpressure Instagrammers donated Christmas toys for the Special Needs Network in Los Angeles. Since then I have hosted 3 other Instameets which included beach cleanups, neighborhood trash cleanup, an awareness of Earth Hour and a neighborhood cleanup of Abbot Kinney co-hosted with TOMS #tomsinstameet.